Comparison B/W Stellar, MacKeeper Software And FreshMac

There are number of application today’s available in Market responsible for boost-up Mac performance. Among them Stellar SpeedUp Mac, Comparison B/W Stellar, MacKeeper Software And FreshMac software and FreshMac are counted as the best tool known to enhance overall PC performance. Well, it’s confusing to choose one of them so, we have described them along with important features so that you can easily select one of them.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Stellar SpeedUp Mac is an advance Mac cleaner software that effectively optimizes OS X El Capitan performance. The tool frees up disk space to enhance system performance and give your Mac the rocket speed. The very tool is capable to removing all duplicate files, binary, language files, system junks, as well as help in uninstalling undesirable applications.

The software robustly scans computer for all duplicate files lying on Mac hard drive. It removes duplicate files from iPhoto, iMovies, iWork, iTunes, and Aperture. Stellar SpeedUp Mac includes filter settings option that facilitates to set filters, so that you can easily search exact categories of file type. Also, its scheduler preferences features defined to perform various clean up my Mac tasks at desired Time and Date.

Important Features:-

  • Speed Up Mac Volumes.
  • Easily removes duplicate files.
  • Completely uninstalls unwanted Applications.
  • Easily Removes Logs, Trash, junk files and manages extensions.
  • Compatible with OS X El Capitan 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 and other.

MacKeeper Software

Mackeeper too known as the best and comprehensive cleaning tool for Your Mac. Its memory cleaner features automatically optimizes as well as monitors your Mac’s RAM memory even when you are performing your daily tasks. With a single click you can clean the inactive memory of your Mac. Additionally, MacKeeper Software is easy to use and best part it is secure as it doesn’t put any personal files at risk.

Mackeeper includes Fast Cleanup feature that quickly remove junk files such as temporary caches, unused language packages, logs, and legacy application parts that consume hard drive space which result in slow down of your Mac. One best features, Mackeeper include is that you can easily find out where you need to slim down collection, as well as find big files that you may have lost or forgotten about. Disk Usage feature scans your folders and then marks them with multiple colors depending on size:

Important Features:-

  • Memory Cleaner:- Automatically optimizes and monitors Mac’s RAM memory.
  • Smart Uninstaller:- It completely remove widgets, preference panes, applications and plug-ins.
  • Duplicates Finder:- It delete unnecessary copies of your files and offer free up disk space.
  • Logs Cleaner:- Logs Cleaner scans your hard drive and delete user log files that wasting disk space.
  • Binaries Cutter, Languages Cutter and Cache Cleaner.

FreshMac Software

No wonder, MacKeeper Software and Stellar is wonderful but FreshMac Software is too awesome that comes with too much features. It’s the easiest as well as safest way to clean your Mac system. It is easy to use because of its simple interface, highly secure and too less time taking. Moreover FreshMac provide all necessary features one need to maintain Mac system performance and keep it working effectively. FreshMac Software provide complete solution to enhance mac computer performance like let you remove junk files consuming lots of hard drives spaces, ensure protection via ending up coming pop-up and some like that.

Important Features:-

  • FreshMac protect your privacy by removing special identity files stored on your Mac.
  • The tool increase the start up speed of your Mac in seconds by removing junk files.
  • Incorporates smart optimization and privacy cleaner features.
  • Its total uninstaller features help in uninstalling applications on your Mac.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac Vs Mackeeper Software Vs FreshMac

Features FreshMac Mackeeper Software Stellar SpeedUp Mac
Clean Mac
Remove Junk Files
Boost Startup
Smart Optimization
Privacy Cleaner
Total Uninstaller
Free Download

Based on the software reviews, we highly recommend you to use FreshMac as it offer all features for the betterment of Mac system performance as well as the software is easy to use.