How do I Install Freshmac And Scan My Mac ?

No wonder, FreshMac is awesome application that comes with so much impressive features and does all best to boost Mac performance. Its Privacy Cleaner, total uninstaller, smart optimization and clean mac features make it more desirable. Now the question arises how to install freshmac and scan Mac system. Nothing hard job, just follow the simple steps provided below and complete installation as well as scanning process:-


  • Follow second step instructions that appear after you click onto the download button.
  • Double click the install file, Freshmac.pkg.

  • After clicking, the Freshmac installer will open.
  • Click “Continue” in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Now, click “Install” and Freshmac that will auto install and auto run.

  • After completion of installation process, Freshmac will open automatically and instantly begin scanning your Mac system without asking for any action by you.
  • The complete scan will take about 1-2 minutes.